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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Jul 1, 2021

Meet Joe Evangelisti, host of The Legacy Blueprint, Co-founder and/or principal of 4 companies (Digital Media, e-learning, Self-Storage Development + Real Estate Investing).

Currently President of Mammoth Conversions, LLC, and principal in Legacy Developers, []( + The Syndicate Mastermind.

Joe is a real estate investor who specializes in commercial (mostly self-storage) development along the East Coast of the US.

Joe is a decorated veteran who served in the United States Navy Construction Battalion – the SeaBees –which included a tour of duty in Qatar as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, as well as under two Presidents at Camp David. Joe holds Letters of Commendation from the US Navy and The White House, a Letter of Appreciation from President Clinton, and numerous service medals from the US Navy and the Secretary of Defense.

Today, Joe combines that wealth of experience to create beautiful, highly-sought-after development projects. He also mentors and coaches new and seasoned business owners who want to exploit their greatness.

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