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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Nov 29, 2018

For Justin Colby, a wildly successful real estate investor from California who's flipped well over $100 million in real estate, success didn't come easy. In fact, when Colby first decided to enter into the real estate industry in 2007, he had just lost his home to a foreclosure, his car was repossessed and he...

Nov 22, 2018

Cedric went from no deals to closing on his first ever real estate wholesaling deal. He realised that his first foray into entrepreneurship wasn't going as he had imagined, so he quickly pivoted into Real Estate and he seeing some momentum and traction.


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Nov 15, 2018

Frank Rolfe has been an investor in mobile home parks for almost two decades, and has owned and operated hundreds of mobile home parks during that time. He is currently ranked, with his partner Dave Reynolds, as the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the U.S., with over 250 communities spread out over 25 states. But...

Nov 8, 2018

Terry White, President & CEO of Sunwest Trust, has been working in the real

estate & investment world for 35+ years, and he’s got the expertise to prove it.

After graduating with a degree in Accounting and working as a controller for

a local title company, Terry launched a small escrow company, which quickly

Nov 1, 2018

Lee Kearney (CAR-KNEE) is one of the nation’s most successful single-family real estate investors. Since 2004, he has bought/sold 7,000+ properties, and is known as the expert in leveraging real estate market cycles. He now owns several

real estate businesses in Florida, all operating under the Southeast Property...