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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Aug 19, 2021

Mark has been an active Real Estate investor in the Baltimore Maryland area for the last 15 years. With over 100+ rental units, Mark Owens has made a name for himself in the Baltimore Real Estate investor community.

Mark purchased his first rental unit in 2002. At the time, Mark was self employed and was looking to generate some extra income to pay the bills in case he wasn't able to work. Only intending to purchase a couple of units, he quickly became addicted to the cash flow and deals he was acquiring.

Five years after purchasing his first rental unit, Mark was able to quit his full time Computer Training business and became a full time Real Estate Investor. Now with over 100+ units, dozens of rehabs, and numerous wholesale deals, Mark hasn't had to work a regular W-2 paying job in over 10+ years.

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