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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Jul 15, 2021

You want to acquire skills and capabilities that inspire and motivate.
You seek to grow your influencing skills from being a technical expert into a high-performing leader.
You want to achieve a higher success rate for those your support and mentor.

Can you exceed the 5% success rate of education programs?

If you’re like most real estate educators, you know that having the majority of your students with no success or results gives you headaches and frustration ⚠ That’s why you need a plan to hold students accountable and drive results beyond their comfort zone.

All leaders and teams experience stormy seas and feel like they need a life raft for safety.

My B-RAFT Method is that safety system: Surrounded by clearly defined Boundaries, underpinned by Relationships, Accountability, Feedback, and Trust.

Having my own real estate investing business with a large team, I know what it takes to drive a performance culture and what is needed when the seas get rough. Implementing B-RAFT has enabled my team to swim with confidence.

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