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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Mar 17, 2022

My real estate journey began when my husband and I were living in a poorly converted garage. It did its best to serve us well, but the building was hanging on for dear life.  We discovered we were expecting our first child, and as you can imagine, this arrangement was not going to work for our growing family. We had to spring into action.

My landlord suggested we buy a house that has a basement apartment. We were short on money but quickly realized by renting out the basement apartment, we could live for cheap or even free. So we dove in!

The next strategy we tried was to buy a broken-down house and live there while we fix it then sell or rent and move on to the next house. It seemed like a pretty sweet deal. Living in a constant construction zone wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it gave us the skills and knowledge we needed. Over time, my husband and I began diversifying our involvement in real estate, going from flips and rentals to eventually group investing in multifamily.

The bigger the properties got, the more I realized there was no way I could do this without a growing network. I had to hone the skill of being intentional with my energy.

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