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Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

Dec 5, 2019

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Nassau Investments was founded in 2006, by entrepreneur and CEO Mike Ealy in Cincinnati, OH. Nassau Investments, the parent organization of a property management company, construction and development.  Nassau provides comprehensive real estate services including property & asset management, construction, maintenance, and acquisition of distressed assets to create optimal returns for investors.

Mike Ealy has developed Nassau Investments into one of the key development firms in the Cincinnati area.  Over an extensive 10-year period, Mr. Ealy has applied his knowledge of property and asset management to negotiate hundreds of successful real estate transactions.  Mike’s strength is identifying the right projects, developing a clear vision, and then putting together the right team to specifically execute each project.

Mike is also committed to redeveloping areas to help redefine neighborhoods and cities by bringing together community and investors.  His experience not only as a real estate developer, but also as a community leader, gives him the unique perspective to work with local communities and neighborhoods and deliver a long-term plan for success with his developments.  He will ensure that the local city and neighborhoods are true partners in revitalization



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